SD BAR's Bolt Action Tournament 

10:00 AM Start!

CALLING ALL GENERALS!  Muster your Bolt Action platoons SUNDAY at the San Diego Historical Games Convention for glory and prizes!  Every player WILL go home with a prize, supplied by multiple Bolt Action product sponsors.  Test your valor, and defeat the enemy!

There will be room for 16 players.  If we can accommodate for more, we will certainly try, but no assurances.  If you are preregistering for the weekend or just the day and would like to secure your spot for the tournament, please contact Pat Wells via the link below after you have registered you can be added to the ‘in list’.  

This will be a Bolt Action tournament using rules from Bolt Action 2.0. 

  • This will be a 1000 point tournament
  • Any nation is allowed
  • No armored platoons.
  • Rounds will be limited to 2 hours. 
  • It will start when the show opens.
  • Email for details.

We do not require painting for this tournament however we would prefer forces to be painted to a minimum of 3 colors, wash and base.  However “primer” is ok.  Forces that are not fully painted cannot win an award but to win an award your army must have at 3 least colors and based.  Forces need to be painted by the player not by someone else to qualify for an award as well.  Forces that are completely painted will get a +1 roll to choose the side they play on.

Players must bring their own Bolt Action dice (Try to bring multiple colors!), dice, measuring tool, pin markers and something to write with.  Players are to bring a single 1,000 point Army.  This army must be built using Bolt Action 2.0 and the relevant National Book.  Players may not change the composition of their army at any time during the tournament.  

Above all, the GM of the tournament has the final say in any decisions, rules or otherwise.  He will be fair and just, but also expeditious to keep the flow of the tournament going.

San Diego Historical Games Convention

​November 9, 10 and 11, 2018