San Diego Historical Games Convention

​is Online for 2020!  November 13 - 15.

2019 Sponsors

Designers coming to the online Con in 2020!
In no particular order

Mark Herman - Lots, more

Volko Ruhnke - COIN, Nevsky, Labyrinth, more

Uwe Eickert  - Academy Games

Bruce Mansfield - Gandhi

Tank Duel - Mike Bertucelli

David Thompson - Undaunted Normandy and Africa , more

Ananda Gupta - Twilight Struggle, Imperial Struggle

Jason Matthews - Twilight Struggle, Imperial Struggle, more

VPJ Arponen - All Bridges Burning

Ryan Heilman - Brave Little Belgium

Dave Shaw - Brave Little Belgium

Fred Serval - Paris Commune

Dan Bullock - No Motherland Without

And many more!