GM:  Rene Lafargue



Muster your SAGA fighting skills on Saturday, Nov. 11th at the SAN DIEGO HISTORICAL CONVENTION for glory and prizes!  All participants *will* be going home with some sort of prize support!

The details:

  • 16 Players Max

  • All players must be registered with convention (full weekend pass or Saturday only). 
  • Pre Reg is encouraged to secure spot.  Please email miniatures coordinator Pat Wells on this page to secure your spot.
  • Players should arrive early, by 9:30am at the latest.  The tournament will begin at 10am.
  • Players must bring:  Fully painted and based properly 6 point warband.  Battle board.  Rules.  Measuring tools.  Your faction Saga dice.  D6.  
  • Players should also bring a moving tray to put their models on so others can move their warband throughout the day without any issues.
  • 3 timed rounds with small break within each.

Tournament Rules:

  • This will be an IRON MAN tournament.  Players bring a 6 point warband from any of the SAGA rulebooks or supplements, but will play a different warband (other than their own) each round.  Players may not alter the units of the warband at all, but may merge units only if possible (two hearth into a single unit, etc..).
  • Revenants are not allowed.  Priests and named characters are not allowed.  Warbanners and Skraelings are allowed.
  • After randomly assigning players their warband and opponent, they will have 15 minutes to look over the battle board and familiarize themselves with it.  Then set up time will be called.  Then the round will begin shortly after.  
  • Each round will be timed and called by the GM at the start, half way point and then final time.  If players are in the middle of a single called action, that may be resolved at final time.  But the round is over.
  • Each round will be 6 turns and the same scenario, a straight up fight!  Clash of Warlords but the game will not end if the Warlord is killed.
  • Terrain will be preset for all rounds.
  • Tournament Winner and placing will be determined by overall Wins, then slaughter victory points.

***Note:  If you are a SAGA player, but do not have a fully painted warband yet, there will be a limited amount for loan at this tournament!  But you must reg and contact the miniatures organizer to reserve ahead of time.***

This is going to be a fast paced and fun tournament.  ***Players should take extra care when using other people’s models.  Treat them better than as if they were your own!***

Also, the GM of the tournament has the final say in any decisions, rules or otherwise.  He will be fair and just, but also expeditious to keep the flow of the tournament going.  

This tournament is going to be a relaxed one and all players should behave like ladies and gentlemen during the tournament!

San Diego Historical Games Convention

​November 9, 10 and 11, 2018