GM: Rene Lafargue 


Muster your SAGA Warbands SATURDAY, Nov. 11th at the San Diego Historical Games Convention for glory and prizes!  This will be a fast, furious and fun SAGA tournament using Gripping Beast's rules.  Every player WILL go home with several prizes supplied by multiple SAGA related product sponsors.  Test your steel, vanquish your enemies and tell tales of your heroism!

There will be room for 16 players and all players must be registered with the convention in order to participate.  Please prereg and contact the organizers to secure your spot!  Contact Pat Wells via the link below after you have registered so you can be added to the ‘in list’.  

Players should arrive early, by 10:30am at the latest.  The tournament will have a hard start at 11am, meaning, rolling first round of SAGA dice at 11am.  Rounds will run for 1 hour 45 minutes as such:

Round 1- 11am to 12:45pm
Round 2- 1pm to 2:45pm
Round 3- 3pm to 4:45pm
Prizes- 5pm.

If all players are done early in each round, we may move up the schedule for round 2 and round 3, but that will be determined at the tournament.

This will be a SAGA tournament using rules from the base book and Crescent & Cross.  This will be a three round, ‘swiss pairing’ tournament. For the first round, Dark Age will be matched up against other Dark Age and Crusader era will be matched up again other Crusader era as best possible.

Players must bring their own SAGA dice (symbol only), dice, measuring tool, fatigue markers, something to write with, your warbands battleboard and the rules set in which your warband is in.  

Players are to bring a single 6 point 28mm warband from any of the SAGA rulebooks or supplements or Crescent and the Cross. Players may NOT use any lists from Wargames Illustrated and also may not bring Revenants.  Skraelings are allowed.  You will have to write down your six points on a Warband Roster Sheet and may not alter from that pool for the remainder from the tournament.

Your warband must be fully painted and based properly, it doesn’t have to be a Golden Demon Award Winning army at all, just base 4 colors (at a minimum) to the best of your ability.  There will be prize for best painted army.  Bonus points for those that create a diorama display!  To be eligible for the painted prize, *you must have painted your army yourself*…the one eyed all father frowns upon charlatans!  

Above all, the GM of the tournament has the final say in any decisions, rules or otherwise.  He will be fair and just, but also expeditious to keep the flow of the tournament going.  
***This event is going to be a relaxed one and the organizers of the convention expect the players to behave like ladies and gentlemen.***

Tournament Rules:

This tournament will be a very simple meat grinder, testing your battle field abilities.  All three scenarios will be based on CLASH OF WARLORDS, with very minor deviation, see rules/scenarios below. 

* Each round is 6 turns long.
* At the beginning of a players turn and he/she does not generate SAGA dice, the game is over. 
* Terrain:  First round the terrain will be set.  On round 2 and 3 players may set up terrain as defined in the rule book.
* Deployment:  High roll *chooses* who will deploy first.  When deploying, each player does so in the following order:
-  Warlord and Levy
-  Warriors
-  Hearthguard
* Determining First Player:   After deployment each player rolls one dice and adds the number of SAGA dice his warband generates as it is deployed.  The player with the highest total *chooses* who will go first and be Player 1.  In event of a tie roll, please reroll. 
* Player 2 may then roll 3 SAGA dice and place them on his/her Battleboard.  This is not an orders phase, no re-roll or abilities can be used at this point, just place the three dice rolled on dthe board to get some defensive abilities in the first turn of the game.
* We can clarify any rules before kick off of the tournament if needed.


Scenario  1: 
6 points
Victor determined by Slaughter points, (both in HtH and Ranged)

Scenario 2:
4 points
Before finding out who their opponent is and match is set, players will pick 4 points from their original pool of 6 points.  
Victor determined by Slaughter points, both in HtH and Ranged.

Scenario 3:  
6 points
Victor determined by Slaughter points in HtH ONLY, ranged will NOT count!

Slaughter points are as such:

Warlord  5  (Yes, this tournament is about Warlords!)
Hearthguard 1 per figure.
Warriors  1 per 2 figures (rounding up)
Levy  1 per 3 figures (rounding up)

San Diego Historical Games Convention

​November 10, 11 and 12, 2017